3 Questions that could save you money on Vehicle Insurance

As a Cork-based company, we understand the difficulties the ever-increasing price of car and vehicle insurance is having on families. The seemingly never-ending hikes to car insurance premiums are making it more and more expensive to keep a car on Irish roads.

Along with working with our clients to find the best possible car insurance quotes we have also worked out a few questions that should be put to an insurance company. These simple questions allow us to delve a little deeper into the specifics of individual policies and sometimes find some hidden savings for our clients.


What is the price difference between comprehensive and third party? 


We always inquire about the cost difference between third-party and fully comprehensive insurance, and so should you. Depending on the actual value of the vehicle you’re insuring it make not make financial sense to pay fully comprehensive insurance premiums. This is especially true of older cars. As a road user, you should only ever pay for the type of insurance you need.


Do you offer discounts for extra security features?


If your car is fitted with any additional safety features you could be entitled to a car insurance discount. As a vehicle insurance broker, we always ask our clients about additional safety features on their car. Safety features can include alarms, immobilizers and even if the car is stored in a garage overnight can all entitle you to a discount.


Are their discounts available for having more than one policy with a single provider?

If you already have insurance with a particular provider you may be entitled to a discount when applying for your vehicle insurance. When booking a consultation with our vehicle insurance broker, we urge you to dig out any other insurance policies you may have. This insurance may be other vehicle insurance, home insurance etc. With this information, we can enquire about any available deductions.


Above are some of the questions and strategies that can be used to get a discount on your vehicle insurance. However, to get the best possible vehicle insurance we urge you to book a consultation with our Cork vehicle insuranceexperts. We do everything we can to get the best cover at the best possible price.


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